Monday, March 21, 2011

Welcoming Myself back to blogging..

Hi to those who had spent some of their precious time to view my very own, Super blog!!

Finally, after all, my Superfriends who I superlove were able to convince me to have a blog as they say it's a great way to relieve stress and just relax... Another thing is that I got inspired by them... :))
It's definitely great to finally have a place where you could actually pour all your stress away through sharing... especially in my case... in which I seldom see my friends who I usually did back last semester but since we've been busy doing our own stuff(school, work and L.O.V.E) that I barely have the chance to make it up to them. At least, now, I've found the place right where I could keep in touch by updating them on what I'm currently up to.... I really do hope this blogging thing becomes a hobby because I sure am lazy sometimes and I forget.. i mean, seriously!! I remembered blogging through my multiply account way back...( and for ages I forgot to log in since my last post.. probably t'was 2007?? lol! I know...
I'm not a constant blogger since i've been busy with a lot of different stuff particularly with college... and I shouldn't complain now.. since yeahhh!! It'll be my last semester as a college girl!!! So i'll probably have more time blogging than I ever had.. :)) *hopefully... unless i get so caught up with other stuff...

So yes.. here's where I'll currently be checking in for new news about me! :))) For now... I'll just play around the interface.. get myself familiar, experimenting since I'm a newbie, so you'll probably see some changes here and there... I'll try my best to design it beautifully so as to provide my visitors a fun and colorful place to visit... :D Hope you'll enjoy my sharings just as how i'll enjoy sharing them with y'all... I'll try to come up with great stories to make your viewing habit more interesting...

Till my next post fellow bloggers. xox muahhhhh!!


  1. Yay!! Now your an official blogger!! Cheers to that!!
    Your right, hope this blogging thing would turn into a hobby!! I'm following you now!! Love ya sistah!! BTW, such a pretty blog. It's so yewww!! ♥


    Just a bit of Eurica ♥

  2. Thanks sistah!! :)) And I have to say the same thing about your Blog.. :)) Love you too Just a bit of Eurica ♥!!

  3. Eii Love!! love your blog!!!!!!

    love u tiny dear!! I love it that we all have blogs...!:))

    - Che -

  4. Yippee!!! You have na din!!! I'm so so following you now! Love ya!!

    Cheers darling!