Thursday, March 24, 2011

Like Insomnia?

Good Morning! :)).. 
Hope you had a good night sleep, not like me; who was awake all night long.. :(( Have you ever experienced lying in bed trying all kinds of trick just to get yourself to sleep? Flipping yourself from left to right, changing positions, punching the pillow, removing the blanket and bringing it close to you again, standing up, sitting down, curling yourself into a fetus position, visiting the loo for several times or having to look at the clock on your phone every now and then?  And after all, you still can't force yourself to take even a short nap, only realizing how fast time goes and sooner you'll hear the sound of the birds outside and finally, your alarm clock; reminding you to get up for school? 

Shit!! This is what happened to me.. and it's not the first time, it happens every time there's an event that I look forward to the next day or when its nearing the exams or submission of assignments, a presentation I need to prepare for the next day or maybe because my boyfriend is outside all night and haven't received a message that he safely got himself back home and any other reasons there is.. I know I may sound weird specially if I say, I wasn't able to get any of those good night sleeps during the days I don't have to wake up too early for classes. Like in today's case that my morning classes got cancelled!! it rarely happens that lecturer's cancel morning classes for 2 consecutive days for the sake of us doing our assignments and preparing for the upcoming Mid-term exam next week! But how would you expect me to study this early when I can't even get a decent sleep, when my eyes are so puffy and red thinking that all the water I drunk got drained up there.. 

Another possible reason is probably because it's nearly weekend and I get to see my beau? <3 Excited Much?? Lol!! I really do think too much sometimes.. I don't know why.. probably I got this insomnia going on.. what I know is I have the same situation as my mom whose very sensitive when she gets woken by a tiny noise, she complains that she can't get back her sleep afterwards and as a result; I wake up seeing her finishing the house chores early in the morning during her holidays and she sometimes blame it on my dad having to wake up early for work.. :D

My only class for today is Economics and wow! what an exciting course to look forward to when you've got the most UN-boring lecturer  there is- Not!!! If only she could sound a little bit more interesting and not appear too scream-y for this "unfriendly-needs-calculation-like-Math" type of course so as to drive the class to attend this afternoon (if only you could hear her, she'll drive all you're interests away.. just too irritating to the ears especially when she writes on the whiteboard) . This is the type of course which you'd actually think of skipping... and in every Sem. we're able to have 5 absences, I'm not the type who uses all these but because of her it made me think.. not to mention another class called Strategic Management. Gezzzz!! He needs some "don't think you have sense-of humor that you make the entire class laugh" kind of course!  :(

Well, my planned "beauty rest" wasn't executed but rather I end up posting my second blog.. ohhh!! Now I get it... !! maybe I was really destined not to sleep for me to type this post.. Don't you think? But hope this don't turn into a routine.. I mean my sleepless nights only to know the cure is to post a blog... My Gosh!

I think I'm typing too much now.. I better get a bit of rest before my 3PM class.. :)) Till Next Time!! kisses! And Good Morning Again.. Hope you gurrs are still having a good sleep or rather having your breakfast after being a full-time sleeper... Envy you... Have a great Day!!  :D 


  1. Gurr this is so cute.. hehe,,, inlove much?? can't sleep cos of Tony? haha =)

    love ya

  2. should try and get some shut eye (says the friend who's still awake)...but swear, I get that too! But..yeah..not about a guy :)

    You're so cute, Tiny, soooo in love!! Miss you my sweet! see yah soon!!

    - Che -

  3. Hahaha!! Sistah-soo-inlove.. Ayya,stop thinking too much..
    I haven't slept in 30 hours!!! Crazy,right?


    Just a bit of Eurica ♥

  4. Thanks gurrrsss... Great to know I'm not the only one having this problem.. :))I miss you gurrsss!! Hope to see you really soon...