Thursday, April 14, 2011

Long time No Blog.. :)

Hi?? Long time no blog huh?!

It has been a while since my last post and you would probably wonder how I've been, where I've been... Seriously I've been into SOOOO much stuff lately! All those Mid-terms had taken so much of my precious time away from my precious laptop and have caused me a delay in telling you soo much stuff that I couldn't put it into just 1 post... Good news is, I've finally finished all my midterms... :)) and I'm so proud of myself of having gone through all those exam papers and half of the 2nd semester is gone..I give myself a "clap clap" for that...

gezzzz! Now... I'm hoping I could pass all those regardless of how non-sense my answers were especially for "Quantitative Methods" which most of my answers were guesses since this course had to do with a lot of mind-bugging calculations and "mini-miny-mo" multiple choices and T/F. Have you ever had this experience that no matter how hard you study for a subject , you still end up failing your expectations = disappointed? Different from other courses, the lecturer allowed us to bring an A4 double sided cheating paper into the exam hall... it was a total relief for me... and I tried to fit as much needed information into my paper that turned out to be really messy that I'm the only one that could probably read whatever was on it. So I really had a strong feeling I would do good since I've reviewed for hours and I had a paper to cheat from. But!!!!! The exam paper had numbers all over (And I seriously get so nervous when all I could see is numbers since they're not my close friends)
But finally it's all over and I can't do anything about that anymore and finally... I could relax.. well yeah... not for long since big projects are yet to come but at least for now... I was able to give you a brief summary of how my life has been lately... :)

And yes! Today was a "Career Day" at "school"(as some people would point out) and there were a couple of hotels, travel agencies and restaurants, cafes(pizza hut, starbux?) present at the event. Prior to the event, we were asked to wear formally and dress professionally since we'll be meeting some of our future employers. Registry had been notifying us for multiple times since last years batch weren't dressed appropriately for the event and heard were wearing slippers, shorts, had smokey eyes while having an interview or conversation with some high-ranked hotel person which didn't project a good, professional image for the school. So this time... they really emphasis on our grooming and we end up being too dressed-up for the event.. LOL! We showed up this morning looking sooo professional with our suits but this time, the promoters didn't give any on-the spot interviews but instead they asked us to fill in application forms... 

Me and Ireh(my Korean classmate) headed downstairs after our exams to have a look on the job offers, and took hold of all the hotel application forms and filled them all out. I've probably filled in around 4-5... :)  Hopefully, I get successful in getting a job in any of those I've applied in... :))

Anyways, This is getting too long and I haven't told you anything about the Newest News about me... Tell you on my next blog which will be up in a few minutes... Read about it... :))


  1. I love reading your posts! I feel like it's literally you,talking to me! ♥


    Just a bit of Eurica ♥