Saturday, April 16, 2011

Jumpsuit Lover: Look # 1

Lately I'm into JUMPSUITS!
I just love the idea of a one-piece garment as an overall clothing! Having this would totally ease your everyday outfit decisions since the piece of garment itself makes a total outfit look already... and i just love how'd you could style it around and change the complete look, making a difference by just adding accessories on or wearing a cropped jacket over it.  Totally versatile depending on your mood to style! 

From Simple to Wow:

You can transform the look by the following ideas: You can play simple by wearing ballet flats and a cardigan with it or transform into a more "ready-to-party look" by wearing super high heel shoes and oversized earrings or for a more formal look, you could wear a suit jacket on top of it with pearl earrings.  
This just means that jumpsuits can be worn in just about anywhere anyhow: at school, formal presentations, work or even to parties!! :)) These are just a few ideas out of the many other looks you could possibly have..

It was just last week when my SuperFriends and I planned a photo-shoot and at that time, I had classes while they had their off from, we first met during my lunch break and then, they waited for me at a cafe till my classes were over. Good thing, my class just lasted for an hour and 20... so I met them afterwards and we headed to Mount Carmel or most popularly known here as MC? 

I didn't really get to prepare well since I just discovered 1 hour before I left home for my exam that day that we'll need to have 3 different looks for the shoot.. and since my original plan is to meet them for lunch and not to go back home... I quickly scanned through my closet since I was in a rush and found the 3 new added garments I recently bought; jumpsuits! I thought those 3 could be good enough, since I could just style around...besides, they were light to carry on my bag.. :))

Here's my first look: :)) 

For the first one I wanted an animalistic setting but decided on this colorful playground setting instead since  it has better contrast on my black and white look- for additional colors to the frame.

BTW, I thank OddChezka for lending me her wedges... to complete this look... :)) and Miss Carla for being patient and for taking good shots. Please do visit their blogs, links are on the left side of my page. :) Next look will be posted next! Watch out for it... 



  1. I love your jumpsuit gurr!... jumpsuits suit you so well... oh well,, anything suits you naman darling eh! cos you've got the curves! =)


  2. I'm so bitin with your pics!There's a lot kasi noh?Haha..Lovin the pics sistah!You're doing really really great!I'm lovin this new hobby of ours..And carla's right,you've got the curves girl!Yieeee..♥


    Just a bit of Eurica ♥

  3. ♥nice post.)) love your blog♥

  4. Thanks a lot for the appreciation... :)) ♥

  5. Simply fabulous look! Just found your blog off another fashion site, love your style! Please swing by my blog if you have time. I have a new post up about Nautical Fashion trends.

    Following you, follow back? :)


  6. Gurr! you look so fierce! and you're welcome about the booties! anytime, dear! Love you!

    - Che -