Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm into something New!

As I've mentioned on my previous blog post (which was a few minutes ago),  I'm really into a lot of stuff lately.. particularly New creative stuff... 

So what Is It?
YES!!! I've finally entered the Fashion-Blogging world..! :)) 

Since when
Well, it all started on my sistah's (justabitofeurica) boyfriend's birthday beach party. :)) Me and my gurrfriends namely Yo, Che and Carla had this photo shoot thing planned many times already. However; we didn't get the right time to gather everyone together with the conflicts on our different schedules... that only Che and Carla (my 2 gorgeous fashion inspirations) end up photo-shooting as planned. 

We had the best arrangement to get it done during the beach party. So, despite me having a mid-term the next day, I rushed and effortfully reviewed my notes in preparation for the exam since I knew I'd be leaving late from the party and knew in advance that my Sistah won't allow me to leave too early. :P

In addition to that,  my boyfriend brought his camera along with him... which was an additional tool to our picture perfect session. We had the best timing to shoot, when all our boyfriends were gone to purchase something... I was totally new to blogposing...and I'm really not good at, so Chezka and Carlz my dear assisted me in striking some of the poses...  check how'd it turned out from the photos below: 

I know! my outfit is not exactly an ideal for a photo-shoot since I didn't get to prepare prior to the event since I was focused on finishing my studies that I had little time to prepare plus, the weather was completely unpredictable... thus, I didn't know how to dress for the occasion.. :)

I really enjoyed photo tripping with my gurrfriends and this is becoming another way for us to bond as we've discovered something new that we are all learning to love... ;)  Despite our hectic schedules, we can still manage to make some time for each other as well as to support each others interest. :)

By the way, we had another session last week and the photos will be posted on my next post.. 


  1. You look amazing sistah,as always! And how thoughtful of you to put effort on your studies just to be there at the party and be with us.. I appreciate it, really.. And I totally agree, we already found something we love in common.. Lotsa love! ♥


    Just a bit of Eurica ♥

  2.'s nothing, really!.. It's just a way for me to thank you for being such a sistah to me, Sistah!..

    I'll always find some time to be with my best gurrfriends :)) ♥

  3. Woot woot! Love it gurr! your outfit looks fine! At least you were warm, and still pretty :)

    - Che -

  4. Nyaha! pretty guurr!!! We have the same romper! i love how you wore yours, i've never worn mine eh! and I totally agree! I'm so glad we all LOVE something in common!!

    Love ya gur