Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jumpsuit Lover: Look # 2

Hello there again! :))

Before anything else, I would like to share my current joy since my Easter Holidays has just begun! And for a student like me, it's pretty much appreciated spending some time away from school. :)) Having said that, I'm finding ways to keep myself entertained and busy.. one way is by posting blogs some time during the span of my holiday.

I really hope I could meet up with friends soon so I could get myself to write something on my blog and keep it updated... since I'm most probably free throughout this week.. :D

For now, I could finally get some time to post the other 2 looks that were taken a few weeks before. (Yes! I've intentionally waited this long to post the other looks so as to keep viewing more interesting and since I haven't shot anything new these days... but no worries i'll do soon! ) :))

About the look:
This time, I went for a more "Simple" look... With just the basic jumpsuit, I simply accessorized by tying a brown "tie belt" around my waist which was not originally part of it. Aside from that, I wore my chandelier earrings, my summer shades (to get my hair in place since it was a bit windy) and red ballet flats to go with the overall look. And not to forget..!!... a borrowed satchel bag from Oddcandy! :)) Thanks again deary! :) I was really eyeing on this bag to be a part of the look since it goes pretty well with my belt... good thing she was kind enough to lend.

Enough said... ! I'll share some photos and leave you to hopefully enjoy the look! :)
For this look, I felt comfortable striking poses on the stairs in front of the historical Taipa Houses Museum.

BTW, I have to thank my friend; Miss Violet for the shots.

Happy Holidays blog world!! :))
Till my next post! 
Kisses! xox


  1. I love the jumpsuit gurr.. My mom still has a few
    Stocks of a similar jumpsuit from her shop I'm thinking of keeping one fir myself because of this look! So pretty! And you're always welcome gurr! I'd take your photos anytime!

    Love ya,

  2. jumpsuits are quite hard to pull off but you did it so well :)
    happy holidays!

    eclectic du jour

  3. Gorgeous sistah! You're always one of the people I know who can easily pull of any outfit! ♥


    Just a bit of Eurica ♥

  4. awww... thanks for the sweet comments.. :)) ♥

  5. love the outfit and great use of red for a pop of colour!