Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mommys know Best! ♥

Hi there again!!

How should I begin? 
Soo.... this would be my second post regarding another recent interest of mine = FashionBlogging! Don't get me wrong (such a familiar phrase), I know I'm not a total WOW in dressing up and this blog is not a way for me to brag about my Fabulous fashion sense, trendy clothes or Super model potentials?-- coz it's totally not my objective and I'm not even fit in any of those categories! 

Instead, it's just a way for me to appreciate fashion and style even if some people won't like how i dress up... as long as i'm enjoying what i'm doing. :P  In addition, I'm proud to say that my Superfriends and my mom supports me in that.. since we all have a common interest. ♥

About my mommy:
Well, speaking of my mom... she kinda spoils me with clothes (from local boutiques on sale since we're not into high-end brands just yet) coz she shops for me a lot (Yes! believe me, I trust her in that) and i should give credit for her fashion taste since she's also into trends. In fact, whenever I go shopping for clothes, I rarely buy something coz I couldn't really shop alone like any other shopper would since I'm not a sensible shopper, i find it difficult to decide what clothes fit me best and I don't have that much of a $(and that's another advantage of shopping with mommas. :) ).  I rely too much on her and so we make it a point, during her offs to window shop...! 

LOL! I know it might sound weird but when she shops for her own clothes and when it doesn't fit her... she gives them to me! Good thing, oversized tops and rumpers are in these days... :P 

Believe me, I trust my mom's opinion about how'd i dress for an occasion or for any gatherings or just for simple outfits to school and lately... for Superfriends photo shoots :)) ...Come to think of it, I never did go out without consulting her first and will just leave the house when given an approval! 

She's my total fashion guru and adviser! :)) In fact, when she found out that my friends and I were into this new interest... she got so excited and proud especially in seeing the photographs we took.. :D  Besides, she was even the one who pushed me to post the photos up for public viewing.. ahahhaha!! 

This blog is basically a tribute to my mom's support on my fashionBlogging...And I'm so happy that she's always there being supportive in what I love doing! As she always says; she loves seeing me at my best all the time and dress in clothes that she could no longer fit in anymore. Back then, my mom was a fashionista, I've seen her photos-- In one of this days, I might post one for you to have a look. Now, she's into dressing her own life-size Barbie.. :D

Remember as the saying goes, Mommys know Best and I can attest to that! :)) 

I love you mommy!! 


  1. Aww that's so cute! you're momma's so sweet gurr! Its so nice to have fashionista moms noh? although my mom and i have totally different taste in clothings and style, she's one of my inspirations too!

    Cheers to mommas!

  2. Aww..I can imagine how tita's being so makulit to you..Haha..Say hi for me! It's cool to have cool mom's around..♥


    Just a bit of Eurica ♥

  3. IKR?? we're really lucky to have such cool moms around... :))

  4. Gurr that's so sweet! and yeah, your mom does buy lovely clothes for you :)I don't leave the house as well without asking my mom how I look first - they know best!your looks look great! love yah!

    - Che -